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July 9th, 2011

Let us now speak of pets.

Proposition #1: pets are furry.  Sure, someone will speak of his ‘pet snake’ or ‘pet tarantula spider, but who ever wants to ‘pet’ a snake, or a tarantula (hairy though it may be: we said furry, not hairy).  Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, monkeys, somet8imes girbles…these things are pettable.  by which we mean, mostly, cuddly, cuddleable.  something you can allow onto the couch while wataching TV, or at least scratch behind the ear while seated at the table of the lord of the manor  (tossit a boane).   You could not bring your Jila monster to the lord of the manor’s table; just not allowed.

Back to pets: most are dogs or (sniff) cats.  I like cats; it’s just that though they may like me, I don’t necessarily want them to exhibit their affection: like, kneading my chest when I’m trying to sleep, or plopping themselves on top of my head while I’m in bed.  Also, people think that cats are less trouble than a dog: not true.  Unless you let the cat roam around the neighborhood (unlawful where I live) where it will kill innumerable birs (fledglings, mostly) [a study in Wisconsin found that the average house cat, left to roam ouside during the day (and they always want to come inside where it’s cozy at night) kills some ninety birds per summer.]  You have to empty the cat’s litter box–and who has the time or stomach to that as often as is needed?

It could be said that dogs tie you down, you can’t go wandering if you’ve got a dog (unless you’ve got a wandering-type dog, and you’ve got a camper or similar trailer). Well yeah, that’s true.  Our little shiTsu’s needed constant attention.  That’s what kennels are for.  Also, relatives.

So all things considered, that leads us to

Proposition #2: They musn’t get out of line.


More on this later.

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