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Bottom 90% Get Screwed, Top 10% Get the Gravy

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This from Noahpinion

English has no word for “the constant, repetitive reiteration of strong priors”. Yet it is a well-known phenomenon in the world of punditry, debate, and public affairs. On Twitter, we call it “derp”.


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Show Us the Action

June 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Dear Idiot TV Producers,

Please, PLEASE be aware that your damn banner may be covering up the very part of the video that your viewers may want to see!  Like, especially, during tornado season: it’s where the sky hits the ground where the action is:  we’re really not so interested in your commentary as to want to miss seeing what’s going on.


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Strip Out the Damn Spaces

June 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Dear Web Programmers:

When you’re asking your user to enter a lengthy seeries of numers — like a 16-character account number, or a credit card number — why not allow spaces?  You know that the user is reading these long series of numbers with spaces to make it easier to read; and it makes sense for that user to type in the spaces, making it easier to proofread. So why not just strip out the fucking spaces when the user clicks ‘submit’?  It’s only one line of code, for God’s sake!

And you, Lowe’s:  you ask me to leave a compliment on the countertop installation, and require I leave a phone number.  Will you accept something like this (with real numbers):  000-111-9999?  NO!  You cut it off like this: 000-111-99 and rudely tell me I need a valid phone number.  In other words, you can’t handle a hyphen.   IDIOTS!

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