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Joe Wilson and Racist SC

September 30th, 2009 Comments off

I was listening to the radio the other day, to a local (upstate South Carolina) radio station.  The talk-show host was discussing the Joe Wilson outburst during President Obama’s recent speech to the joint session of  Congress about health insurance reform.  This is when Representative Wilson shouted out “You lie!” in a pause in the speech.

The talk show host pointed out the the House later “admonished” Rep. Wilson (did not censure him); but, he insisted, this was after Wilson had called the President to appologize.  What happened, he went on, was that everything was settling down, but the “the Black Caucus” “made a race thing” of it, which led to the admonishment.

Heavens.  This is projection run rampant.  Hasn’t this guy seen that the black caucus in the House is tiny?   And that almost every Democrat in the House voted for the admonishment?  This is a wholly black  thing? This is projection, pure and simple.  It is projecting his own prejudices so as to create a non-existent tar man, to which his own prejudices will stick, to his own discredit.

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