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Slow progress

August 19th, 2011 Comments off

Yikes–everything is a new version, and each has significant differences from the former version.  So what used to work doesn’t now, and you’ve got to figure out just what it is that needs doing.

Time to go to dinner.

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New Server Drive

August 18th, 2011 Comments off

Sheesh!  Been down two days , almost three, to install a new hard drive in the server.  This involves installing the new hard drive, installing new server software, and restoring former data and connections.

Wanted to try going to Ubuntu server, but that install hung up at the first install screen. (later found someone who said he has waited 7 hours before ubuntu would respond at that point).  So decided to go with CentOS 6 — had been running CentOS 4, but that didn’t support PHP 5, which I needed to upgrade my WordPress installation.  Turned out I’d bittorrented down the wrong Centos file, and had to go back and get the right .iso file.  After burning the DVD (Oh, had to put a DVD drive into the server rather than CD), the install went fine…after a couple of hangups, and unclear install screens, but that’s par for the course with RedHat (CentOS is public distribution of RedHat Enterprise).

About 4 hours to get internet going—went to bed after that one.

Spent all day on mail, only to discover a stupid firewall error.  Oh, well.

Still have to get a few web sites working;  same config file, but each of four web sites have completely different problems!

I don’t need to do the Times Crossword, so long as these things come along.

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Dream Job

August 11th, 2011 Comments off

I’d love to be the guy who makes up the names on Colbert’s contributors crawl.

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