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Warning Labels be Damned

July 8th, 2011

For two days I went looking for some five-gallon pails, with covers, to use on my lanai  (okay, my patio).  I wanted some plain, white ones.  Such as drywall mud would come in, but without the left-over drywall mud.

Lowes carries some of the right size, but they are of an ugly silver-gray, with a huge Lowes logo on two sides.  Home Depot carries some, but they are a bright-red color, and also logoed. Same thing with Ace hardware–lotsa advertising.

Finallhy foiund Wal-Mart carries plain, white ones.  Store #1 has the buckets, but no tops.  Same story with store #2, just the buckets, no tops.  Both stores have slots on the slelves for the tops, but no stock.  Store number 3 has–Three tops!  (but no buckets).  So I buy the three tops from store #3, and then zip over to Store #2 and buy three buckets.

I get them home, am ready to put them on my lanai…and see tthe huge stuck-on label: Warning! Children may fall into bucket.  Do not leave open bucket around small children!  this in three languages, Spanich French and Hebrew.

I try to peel the labels from the pails, but what’s this?  The ahesive is super-strong, the label tears, and I’m left with a bunch of torn label on my beautiful bucket.  And, when I finally do get the paper label removed, what’s left is a slurge of sticky-stuff on the side of the pail, certain to pick up any flying smut…dust, dirt, bugs…that chances nearby.

I’m 70 years old, have never had children, and don’t allow children near my house.  Gimme a break!

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  1. jb
    July 14th, 2011 at 15:39 | #1

    Now, you do know about Goo-Gone, right? Great stuff. Orange based and colored, and will dissolve pretty much any adhesive. It takes time to soak through the paper of the label, you may need to put some paper towels over the label and soak the whole lot.

  2. July 17th, 2011 at 10:09 | #2

    Yep. Got a bottle under my sink, to remove wine bottle labels. Hey, don’t I get to qvetch?

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