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Amazon, Get With the Program

July 23rd, 2012

I’ll do anything to avoid hitting the keyboard.  Anything.  Eat:stuff myself, gain back the weight I lost (did I mention I’ve lost 25 pounds in 6 months?).  Google for pornography. Check out the latest magazine update to arrive on my Kindle (New Yorker, Nation, Atlantic, Harper’s)-. Do my laundry-. Check out what Avis is watching on the TV. Roam outside, water the shrubberies. ANYTHING to avoid doing: this.  Typing.  Typing new things.  Thoughts, random thoughts, much less in any wise directed thoughts;

Like for instance, what’s up with that Kindle, and hasn’t Amazon learned anything with its directed avertising? [DDET Read more…] Amazon knows just about everything there is to know about me; I’m one of their most loyal customers.  But it never uses the data it gathers on me from my orders, from my browsing, to direct advertising to me on the Kindle.  Email, yes: emails all the time about things I’ve ordered, things I browsed…but never on the Kindle.  And the Kindle shows an ad just about every time I pick it up:–it turns itself off after about one minute, at which point an ad is displayed. But never for anything that I might find enticing.

I order from Amazon books; I’m interested in US history of the late 19th and early 20th century–I’ve got two shelf-loads of books from Amazon on that subject.  And what does Kindle offer?  Werewolves.

From Amazon I’ve oredered salt-cured olives; Kindle offers me steaks.  From Amazon I buy computers; Kindle offers me whiter teeth.  At Amazon I’ve searched for solar panels. Kindle tries to entice me with organic tea (okay, getting warmer, but come on!).

Come on, Amazon.  You know how to reach me (you  know it’s my Kindle those ads are going to; why not use some of those terabytes of data on me you’re storing?[/DDET]

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