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Walking to the Shops…

May 26th, 2012


walkability map

Walkability from Townes at Woodruff Park

It IS possible to walk from the Townes at Woodruff Park to the shops a Five Forks.  I did it myself!  This morning I walked from my home on Crestridge, out the front gate, and East/North to Walgreens.  From there, it’s possible to cross Woodruff and get to all the shops near the P&C, ?? to the Greek restaurant and nearby drug store.  Or, cross Five Forks Road to get to Publics, the new Bova restaurant, and similar lot.

Problem is, there’s no sidewalk.  And you have to cross Five Forks Road to get to  a shoulder that’s walkable.  Fortunately for me, the State had recently mowed the grass/weeds along the roadside; but you still need high shoes, no sandles will do.

The map above is from www.walkscore.com.  Out of a possible 100 points in walkability, we score only 21.  Rated “auto dependent” indeed.

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