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Delicious, Zesty Tofu

April 1st, 2012

Today we had tofu cutlets for dinner.

Eeeeuh, tofu! I hear you squealing.  And, if you’re not just reacting to the name of the stuff, you’re thinking of that slimy white square you found floating in the dishwater-like “miso soup” that came with your last sushi.

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Actually, tofu comes in all kinds of shapes and textures.  The tofu we had today was firm slabs, coated with panko flakes and fried to a crispy brown, then topped with marinara sauce.  Delicious.


But it’s the name that turns you off, so we must find a new name.

New name?  you say.  What’s with renaming stuff, just to give it a better image?

But don’t you have veal scalopini, and aren’t those scallops really veal, which is a calf?  Your steak is really beef with is actually cow or, rather, castrated bull-children.  Your pork is pig. You rename your food all the time, to disguise what it really is.

So, a different way to talk of tofu.  Soy cutlets. Vegetable curd squares. Plant meat.


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