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Genius of Iowa Caucus

December 30th, 2011

I’ve been saying (into whichever aether I’ve been swimming in) that the Republican Primary Race has been a great Reality Show production.  The Iowa Caucus race is prime tool of the production.

Republicans know that they will get media attention from any foment in the race. They get the attention of every media-eyeballing citizen.

Every time there is a new contest, everyone watching can’t help but consider (in her own mind), “Who would I vote for now?”  Time and time again, as first one candidate, then the next, falls and a new candidate is raised up, so theat the viewer is, in his mind, is choosing again and again between two different Republican candidates.  Note that each time, he is voting for a Republican!

So here’s your average (Independent?) voter, time and time again mentally choosing a Republican candidate.

The simple heuristic of familiarity insists that, in the voting booth in the national election, he’s more likelly to vote for the one he’s already voted for in his mind, and that will be a Republican.

The voters’ minds have alreadty been set up to be responsive to a Republican candidate.

It will take an incredible amount of work for this prediliction to be countered by the Democrats.

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