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House to Hide In

July 23rd, 2011

A wise man once said to me, Never get a home that doesn’t have any places you can hide; that was very wise advice.

What it means is, Be sure there are private places.  Places you can get away from whatever else is going on in your home.

I love the house we have now.  It is not huge, about 1300 square feet.  But it has separate areas.  The dining room and living room are “open plan”, but separated by an entry way.  The kitchen is its own wing.  Two ‘bedrooms’–one is a guest bedroom, the other our den (or ‘viewing room’ as our grandson called it–it’s where we have our TV)  are seaparted by a hallway from the rest of tehe house.  The master bedroom is in a separate wing.  The toilet is separated from the rest of the bathroom.

Wha I like best is that, if I’ve been watching the TV — the news, usually — I can walk out into the livingroom, and be in a completely differnt space.  We like to leave some classical music playing there, something soft and quiet, and to leave the cacaphony of the TV for this place of simpleness is a joy beyond measure; I am refreshed.

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