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My Rules for Tuesday

April 29th, 2011


Next Tuesday I go to the hospital for a coronary catheterization.  Below is a report from the Times on a protocol developed by Peter Pronovost, MD:

The intensive care units at nearly every hospital in Michigan participated — 103 I.C.U.’s.   What they had to do was use a five-point checklist to prevent infection when inserting the catheters.   The steps were:   Wash hands. Cover the patient with sterile drapes.  Clean the skin with chlorhexidine antiseptic.  Do not insert catheters into the groin area.  Remove catheters as soon as they are no longer needed*….“Within 3 months after implementation, the median rate of infection was 0, a rate sustained throughout the remaining 15 months of follow-up. All types of participating hospitals realized a similar improvement.”

*I’ll wear this on my chest.


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