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NYTimes Corrected by Me. ME!

July 5th, 2009

On March 26, the Times printed an article on economics in Europe:

Aided by Safety Nets, Europe Resists Stimulus Push

…The program — known as “Kurzarbeit,” which translates as “short time” — and others like it lie at the heart of a heated debate…

I just had to send this correction, as a comment:

I hate to inform you, but the phrase “Kurzarbeit” means “short work”, not “short time”.

To my amazement, I got a responsive email the next day:

Thank you for your comment on Economix. We’ve corrected the mistranslation of “Kurzarbeit.” Apologies for the error, and thanks for keeping us on our toes.

Ach so!  Two painful years of college German, finally vindicated!  Thank you, Herr Doctor Professor Direktor Karl-Heinz Planitz!

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