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Sweet Carolina Home

June 11th, 2014

The Carolina Wren is in her nest, and I’m feeling fuzzy-warm about it.

The pair started building their nest about three weeks ago.  They decided to spot it in the planter, just beyond where I usually sit on our lanai, about two feet from my face.  The nest, nestled in the wilds of our coleus,  looks rather like an igloo.

There is now one egg in that bower.  She is sitting on the egg today.  I am sitting elsewhere.  If I sit in my usual seat, I have to remain very, very still, or she will freak out.  She hops out her door onto the side of the planter, and sort of plops to the ground, onto the brickwork, and scurries away to a hiding place beneath the patio table.

So I sit elsewhere.  These wrens usually lay three to five eggs; there appears to be only one in this nest.  I’m rooting for a safe hatching, and a successful fledging.  Whatever it takes:  I do my part.

Carolina Wren


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