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Why Are Men So..So…Well, Just How Men Are

July 17th, 2013

Why are men so frantic about sex?  Why are they so concerned with sex that they will allow themselves to abuse women (who, after all, should be their partners in life), to dominate women?  One reason, an evolutionary reason, is:  men have no penis bone.

All the other primates have a penis bone; most male mammals have a penis bone.  But not male humans.  The human penis depends upon hydraulics to stand erect.  We may call it a “boner” but there’s no bone there, just flesh and blood.  As much blood as possible, enough to get it stiff.  “Hard on” is a much more descriptive term, really better than ‘erection’ (since it’s not necessarily in an erect position; cf A. Weiner’s foto).

With a penis bone — more properly called a baculum, or os penis — it would be so much easier to get it up, and to keep it up.  With a baculum, a man could keep it up for hours on end, with no need for the 4-hour Viagra  warning.

So a man, a human male, needs to have a very, very strong libido, big enough to ensure the necessary engorgement with blood. This requires a large production of testosterone, which can lead to hyper excitement, racing heartbeat, violence, anger and general confusion.  Having this strong libido, he also has a tremendously large ego and outsize opinion of himself. This makes for an evolutionary advantage as he goes about his duty of squirting his DNA everywhere imaginable.  But it can make life unpleasant for those around him.

Walrus baculum — wiki commons

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