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Better News and an Unobtainable Solution

February 9th, 2013

Well, better news for me: not a slipped disk.  Instead, a badly sprained lower back muscle is inflamed, and expanded to the point of pinching the sciatica nerve.  Still excruciating pain; but with a chance of making that muscle relax and stop pinching the nerve.

This learned after a visit to the local Med360 center, which is just around the corner from my house.  No calling up to make an appointment, no waiting around at all: diagnosis while-you-wait; no blood tests, no xrays, no referrals to osteopaths or surgeons who just want to put you under the knife.  Inflamation-reducing drug administered at once, and prescription for analgysic (hydrocontone) faxed to the Walgreens I always go to, also just around the corner.  Then to the other side of the center, to the physical therapist, to begin therapy the same day.

Bad news: been reading up on lower back pain, and it seems in general to take a very long time to get the healing done.  Like at least a month.  A month of pain.  Something to look forward to.

Intense pain.  Inflammation.  Muscle stress.  Hmm…now what one thing would help to alleviate–or at least palliate, these systems?

Answer:  medical cannabis.  Yes, marijuana would be just the thing for this set of symptoms.

A reasonable solution? Yes.  An available solution?  No way…at least, not in the great state of South Carolina.

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