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‘Premium’ Care…Who Calls It That?

November 27th, 2012

The term ‘premium care’ has positive connotations. Premium gas is high-test gas;  premium services are those that provide more services; premium seats at the theater are those front-center.

Premium Health Care is actually referring to the charge you pay for health insurance.  That is, premium as a monthly fee.

‘Voucher’ Insurance Plan would be a more honestly descriptive term.  Or ‘constrained reimbursement’.  ‘Token’ health care?

But the word Premium carries with it its own positive conotation, and its double meaning.

It’s like ‘pro-life’ as opposed to ‘pro-choice’.  You could be pro-choice, and still be against abortion; but if you’re pro-life, you can’t be in favor of abortion: the opposite to pro-life is anti-life.

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