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Young Roman Men

January 22nd, 2012

Young men of rome

There are so many of them, the young men of Rome, and they are so beautiful!

They know how to wear their clothes, and they have the bodies on which to wear them.

You’d cry, if you compared the youths of Greenville, SC, with the youths of Rome.

Roman young men are thin, yet well muscled, they are proud and aware of their bodies; young roman men show off what they’ve got, because what they’be got is attactive.

Young roman men don’t wear “relaxed-fit” jeans, because they don’t have to; tight jeans fit them just fine.

Young roman men are as aware as young roman women, who are also svelte, with bursting  bosoms and swaying, slim hips.  Roman girls know they wiill grow up to be classical roman women, matuing into handsome ladies.

Roman men will grow into handsome men, knowing– no, owning their good looks.

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