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Survived the hospital

May 6th, 2011

Okay, so I survived the coronary catheterization.  Surgeon agreed to enter through my wrist–although nurses insisted upon prepping my groin–and he found no problem.  So, $15,000 paid by Medicare to find nothing.

I was glad to see signs posted in the prep rooms, “It is OK to ask health workers if they have cleaned their hands”.  I asked, they said they had.  And I found no exceptions, but this:  a nurse came in, washed her hands, put on her gloves, then turned to a table and stuck her gloved hand into the pocket of her jacket, and took out a pen to fill out a form.  Fortunately, she didn’t  touch me after that.

None of them, on being asked, had ever heard of Peter Pronovost,

So I’ m cleared of coronart blockages.  So what caused my underlying condition?  $15,000 can’t tell.

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