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I will not get arrested again

October 16th, 2021

That’s the vow I made to myself after my first arrest, and I broke the vow 60 years later, at another time that I was stupid.  Arrests are always a result of stupidity, raw and gritty stupidity.  Like, you gotta be dumb.  But you never know when it’s gonna sneak up on you, that ole’ dumbness.  Hard, too, to watch out for that, because you can act dumb sometimes, without being just generally dumb.

But being arrested is the pits.  Because it rubs you right up against the terribly stupid and useless mistake you just made == makes you feel real bad.

My first arrest, that was traumatic.  Second, not so bad: just super emarassing, and expensive.  But the really traumatic one, the arrest on the beach, that one with the officers pointing guns at you from under at towel so it wouldn’t look so bad to the ‘kids’ on the beach — that one, while tripping — that was a life-changing trauma.

Now, I’m much wiser.  HA!

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